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How To Easily Accessorize Your Home

Posted on April 14, 2011 at 1:35 PM


You do not have to be an interior designer to understand the basics of interior home design. All you have to have is a basic idea of what your particular style is and the look that you are after when it comes to your home. What vibe are you trying to display?

A lot of your decisions can be made based on the time of year that it is and what the weather is like outside. Some people re-accessorize their homes several different times each year. Now is the time to start on yours!

Here, we will discuss the 7 tips that you need in order to accessorize your home with fashion and style.

1. When it comes to placing decorative items or antiques on table tops, make sure that you vary the height of the objects. Items that are all the same size do not stand out, and will probably just get looked over. Different heights provide an interesting look and a unique quality.

2. Make sure that any form of artwork that you own is placed at eye level. When you walk into the room, the artwork will be the first thing that you see. When paintings and other forms of artwork are placed down too low or up too high, they are not noticed. What is the point in having such beautiful pieces if no one notices them?

3. Try not to clutter your home with too many objects. A home that is full of clutter only displays clutter. You may think that the beauty is noticeable, but nothing takes away from a beautiful home like crowded objects. If you find that you have too many knick knacks lying about, then try to spread them amongst all of the rooms in your home. Build wall stands for them if you have to. It will look great.

4. All home pictures should also be at eye level and spaced out evenly. Make sure that the spaces appear to be just right, not too close together and not too far apart. Placing them in the forms of various shapes can also be very pleasing to the eye instead of in a straight line. Do not display pictures only in the living room. Put them in the hallway and in other rooms as well.

5. Display artwork in your bathroom. The bathroom is often the last thing that people think about as being glamorous, but it really should be. Decorate it with candle displays and a few small decorative mirrors to enhance the size. Place a few pictures of artwork in your bathroom as well in order to liven it up a bit. Purchase toilet seat covers and mats that match the theme.

6. Always decorate your kitchen table with fancy bowls of fruit or a beautiful display of flowers for a romantic touch. Use corner tables to place your plants on inside of your kitchen, and use decorative kitchen chair cushions for your table to enhance the kitchen's sense of style.

7. Use curtains and rugs to break up too much solid color. You can even use couch covers or chair covers in order to achieve this effect. For example, if you have a room that is painted white with white carpet, then you just have too much white. To tone down some of the white, you would need to invest in a colorful rug and decorative curtains, along with couch and chair covers to bring the room back to life.

These tips should serve as an essential guide each and every time that you decorate and accessorize your home.

Accessories for the home are not hard to find. Most local department stores carry them for very cheap prices. You can even make and design your own if you would prefer. For example, several people would much rather design their own curtains and bed pillows than buy them from the store. You can also find lots of great things online. However you choose to do it, just know that accessories have the ability to create a powerful and beautiful effect inside of your home.

Author: Patricia Bosworth-jones


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