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Great Kitchen Decorating Ideas and Tips

Posted on April 16, 2011 at 7:23 AM

Whether you love it or hate it, the kitchen is a necessary part of daily living for just about all of us. So, it would be a good thing to walk into your kitchen first thing in the morning and feel a little lift in your spirit as you start the day. If your current kitchen doesn't elicit that type of positive response, read on!

These kitchen decorating ideas are simple, easy to implement and most are very cost effective. And, some of the tips for decorating a kitchen that follow are just plain common sense! But when put together into a plan of action, the results are worth each step!

First, make a list of everything that you want to change, no matter what the cost. Just make a list.Then determine how much you want to spend, or can afford to spend, on your kitchen decorating project. With that number in mind, go back through the list you just compiled and decide what is going to get done at this time. Some of the items on the list for decorating your kitchen may have to wait until the budget catches up.

So, now you have a list in hand of things you want to change. For most folks, the list will include items pertaining to the colors, style, drabness, worn out (or tired of) accessories, etc.Here are the kitchen decorating ideas and tips that will help you take action and check off those items on your list!

1. Give the entire kitchen a thorough cleaning, including the floors, cabinets and windows. I know, it's not a fun way to start decorating your kitchen, but you will be amazed at how much brighter everything will look when it is freshly cleaned.Remove everything from the walls and countertops. You are going to start fresh there as well.

2. Assess the color scheme for the kitchen. Does it relate to the rest of your home? Even if a neutral background is your preference, accents of other colors found in your home would be a good addition to the kitchen decor. If everything is white or neutral in the kitchen it could be one of the reasons why you don't love the space so much.Consider putting some color on the walls. If your kitchen space is small, don't worry about that. Go ahead and make it as colorful as you please.Have you been thinking about introducing a new accent color in your home? Try it out in small doses in the kitchen area and see how it works. Use your new color in accessories that can be easily changed in case you are not so thrilled with the results.

3. How much light does the kitchen get, natural or otherwise. If the kitchen area has poor lighting overall it can feel almost cave-like. So, here is your next kitchen decorating idea, and it is two-fold.First, replace one light fixture in the kitchen area with something new and fresh. It may be in the nook, over the sink or under the cabinets.Then, add one new source of lighting in this area. This can be a simple as do-it-yourself under cabinet lights, or possibly some 'mood' lighting on top of your cabinets if you have space above the soffit. Rope lighting can be a good choice in this area.As for the windows, in most instances you will want to have as much natural light coming in as possible during the daytime hours. Utilize a type of blind or shade that can fully open during the day and then close to give you privacy in the evening.Soften the windows with a valance. That will keep your area feeling open and light but will provide a counterpoint to the hard surfaces of the kitchen.

4. The next kitchen decorating idea is to use accessories to finish decorating your kitchen.You can go about this in the typical way and purchase a matching set of kitchen accessories such as place mats, dishtowels, salt/pepper shakers and the like, that contain the colors/theme/style you enjoy. Ho-hum.Or, you can spend a little bit more time and search for kitchen accessories that include the elements you want in terms of color/theme/style, but a not a matching set. Look for accessories such as small rugs, artwork (real artwork if you have room for it - not the 'kitcheny' looking stuff), place mats, dishes/serving pieces that have your colors in them. Put some different patterns together, use some solids, and look for one or two pieces that may seem more traditional for the kitchen.The key here is to find unique pieces that may even be unexpected in the kitchen area, but fit in with your own unique decor personality. Have fun and enjoy your newly decorated kitchen!


Candi Randolph is a Design Consultant and the author of 'Ten Simple Steps to Design Success', a simple and easy to understand guide with home decorating ideas and interior design tips. Please visit Great Home Decorating for home decor advice, tips, articles and help for all styles and budgets.

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