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Choosing Paint Colors and other Kitchen Ideas

Posted on April 16, 2011 at 7:27 AM

Painting is oneof the easiest ways to make a dramatic difference in a room, even in a kitchen,which often has less wall space. Paint is inexpensive, can be applied over aweekend, and can really spruce up a tired space without the hassle and cost ofa kitchen remodel. How do you choose the perfect kitchen color? Read on forsome tips and ideas.

Determine Your Kitchen's Personality

Before you start the often arduous task of going through a paint book, stepback, take a deep breath, and then take a look at your kitchen.


Ask yourself some questions? Is it traditional, modern,country, etc.? What color is your kitchen now and why is it no longer workingfor you? Is it because you crave more excitement in your kitchen or do you wantto tone it down and make the space more relaxing? Are you tired of playing itsafe and want to choose a bold, trendy color or do you prefer to remainneutral?


Lots of questions! Not to worry, once you determine what personality you want yourkitchen to have, whether it will energize you and make a bold statement or calmyou down after a long day, you can get out the color wheel, and let the fun begin.

          What to do on your First Visit to the Paint Store

Ideally, you should not purchase anything on your first visit to the paintstore, since your initial goal should be to obtain ideas. Once you are able toview the color swatch display, put everything out of your mind and just choosecolors that appeal to you, even if you know that tangerine won't work in your house-if it speaks to you, pick it up. Make sure you choose a few neutrals thatcould work, cool and warm colors, so that you cantake the samples home and start the process of elimination. Warm colors,such as golds and reds, act as appetite stimulants and best complement food,although cooler colors can help calm and brighten your kitchen.

Once you're back in your kitchen with your color swatches, try and determine why tangerine appeals to you.


Is it thevibrant, cheerful nature of the color that inspired you, or does it make youhungry or inspire you to bake a cake? These inclinations, while they might not lead you to paint your kitchen tangerine, could tell you what you're reallylooking for in your kitchen color.

Now, start holding your swatches against your flooring, cabinets andcountertops, making sure to evaluate the colors in different lights atdifferent times of the day.


Then, narrow downyour possibilities to 2 to 4 options. It's best to purchase samples and eitherpaint them directly on the wall or paint them onto 8 by 10-inch canvasses foundat craft stores so you can hold each sample up in various places and next tomore of your kitchen fixtures. Then, choose a color and start painting.

Since kitchens typically have less wall space, a boldcolor won't overwhelm the room, so take a chance and choose that red or coppercolor and put it on the wall. Remember, it'sonly paint. If it doesn't work out, simply repaint. But if it does, you'll thank yourself for your brave color choice. It's all about testing, andmore importantly, having fun. Don't forget to take before and after kitchen pictures so that you can fully appreciate your work.

By: Bob Fischer


Article Source: Home | Home &Family | InteriorDesign

Bob Fischerwrites about unique kitchen ideas, and does product reviews of paintmanufacturers, such as behrpaint and others.  or



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